Retail Store Program

Boat Hoist USA now has a complete retail store program specifically designed for Marine Accessory Dealership or Hardware Store! Great market potential for any hardware store located near waterfront property..

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Dock & Pier Accessories

BH-USA dock and pier accessories are well respected by the waterfront property industry. Our newest BH-USA branded products includes innovations specifically designed for use in the harshest waterfront environments..

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Dock Ladders

BH-USA all aluminum durable dock ladders are ideal for sure-footed access to and from the water or boat. They feature an all aluminum, marine grade construction to resist corrosion, and grooved, and extruded aluminum steps..

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Boat Hoist USA Hoists will out-lift, outlast and run smoother than any other brand flat-plate hoist on the market. Boat Hoist USA manufactures the ONLY flat plate hoist that comes with a lifetime warranty. Weve eliminated steel-on-steel moving parts by utilizing an innovative design that eliminates the steel back plate bearing and replaces it with a bronze bearing.

Flat plate hoists experience tremendous amounts of torque during use. It is critical for the plate to hold its shape throughout its life span. Only BH-USA extends the block housing under the worm gear to create a brace that keeps the plate from bending. Our pulleys are made from heavy cast aluminum, providing a truer yield, more strength, and ensuring belts will not slip. We enclose the worm in an aluminum housing, completely encapsulating the worm gear helping to stiffen the back plate and holding the grease on the worm. BH-USA gives customers a choice when it comes to the back plate material: stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized or powder coated.

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BH-USA knows your dock is important to you. It is exposed to harsh elements and demanding conditions and you want to ensure you use only the best hoists, hardware and motors.

BH-USA takes pride in offering a wide variety of quality boat lift motors, gear units and power systems to satisfy the demands of our customers. We offer the leading motors in the industry in a variety of horsepowers and voltages with a host of options so that you can get all the power you need to build your dream lift. Coupled with a GEM remote the possibilities limitless.

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Your boat is a big investment, and a cradle is hands down one of the best ways to baby that investment. BH-USA cradles are ideally designed to work with BH-USA hoists and will protect your boat from expensive hull repairs and permanent damage.

BH-USA offers nine-foot wide boat cradle kits for 4,500 and 6,000 pound boats and eighteen-foot wide kits for 35K pound boats. The 16 foot wide aluminum boat lift cradle kit for a 24K pound boat includes aluminum beams, bunks, brackets and guide posts. BH-USA also offers a 9'4" complete galvanized boat cradle kit for a standard V-hull boat with an in-board/outboard drive.

For boats up to 3K the boat cradle kit includes I-beams, adjustable bunk brackets, and hardware.

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Not only is BH-USA a leading boat lift and boat hoist manufacturer, but dock builders and marinas all over the nation trust us when purchasing dock and pier supplies, including ladders, carts, piling caps, safety, buoys, fenders, mooring equipment and boating supplies.

Whether you are a marina, boat owner or fishing enthusiast, you will find everything you need for boating, docking, jet skiing and more with BH-USA.

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